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A colour blog with pictorial gradients, featuring urban photography, street fashion, kpop, and anime.

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how do u tell ur mom ur actually part of the uchiha clan

kill her

匿名 said: can you recommend any blogs with a colour theme like yours?

vulpinempress, romanovaweb to some extent and danascullys for more of a fandom-focus (the gradient is a lot more noticeable in their archives) 

匿名 said: What is with people thinking anime characters are white THEY ARE JAPANESE YOU UNCULTURED SWINES

there are all kinds of weeaboos in this strange, sad world…

i constantly wonder how many people headcanon uta as white…

匿名 said: would you please explain why's EVERYONE obsessed with Uta san? I genuinly don't understand.
  1. anime miyavi
  3. cleavage